Finding the Path of Peace By: Susan Deborah Schiller My dear braveheart, We have come to a point where there is no escape in the natural realm. People, jobs, systems, money – they all fail us. You have read my stories about how God has been grooming me to grin in the face of disaster,   […]

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Soaking in the Source of Life By: Susan Deborah Schiller There is a reservoir of beauty and truth hidden beneath the surface of outward life. It can be tapped into, like a tree taps into the underground springs. I call it "soaking" because in those moments of solitude, silence, and seeking God in the darkness is like tapping into an […]


Using "I AM" Declarations to Create a New Life Story By: Susan Deborah Schiller Life is beautiful. Each new sunrise is a miracle of new life. A new day. A new chance to write another chapter in our life story. If we don't like how the last chapter ended, we get to rewrite it! We […]


The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass By: Susan Schiller How we see ourselves is what we will sooner or later become, and when we see ourselves through God's eyes we reclaim our true identity… even if it feels preposterous, at first! We are stepping into a new skin, as we dare to get naked and unashamed by discarding the old skin […]

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Thorns By: Susan Deborah Schiller Tears. Bending in pain, I sink to the ground. Parched. Hungry. Alone. Afraid. Blood, sweat and tears. Don't look back! Agony. Father, I didn't choose this. I thought if I was good, obedient, and kind, bad things wouldn't happen. But it is not so. Whipped, scourged, beaten, and yanked down. I'm afraid I […]

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Sending Love and Light – What Does it Mean?

 – Sending Love and Light – What Does it Mean? By: Susan Deborah Schiller In the series, "Love from Papa" "Sending love and light," is a common phrase among people today who have experienced great darkness and reach out to others, hoping to be a beacon of Hope. Is it just a wish, a blessing, or is it […]

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A Key to Overcoming: Knowing the Code

The Code: Making the Dark Light By: Susan Schiller "All Truth is God's Truth," was the first lesson I learned in college. Truth is the code that unlocks our inheritance – that launches us into a radical lifestyle – the one that Jesus modeled for us, and then told us, "You can do even greater […]

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Calling all Wave Walkers

The Winds of Change are Rolling: Calling All Wave Walkers By: Susan Schiller  In the series, "Love from Papa" Picture the disciples battling the impossible waves while Jesus calmly walks across the waves, nearly bypassing their boat,  totally unconcerned about the storms! Why did He nearly pass them by? Perhaps because He had just demonstrated the […]

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The Dream Horse: How a Spark of Joy can Fuel a Dream

A Horse for Dani: How a Spark of Joy can Fuel a Dream By: Susan Deborah Schiller All she wants is a horse of her own, this little girl who looks at me with tears in her eyes. I have no natural ability to give her such a gift, but I know God can make […]

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A Time of Separation

L A Time of Separation By: Kimberly Dimick  Intro: Susan Schiller Heaven's light is piercing the darkness, as lightning thrusts its fiery streaks, charging the atmosphere with negative ions and other life-giving elements. In this light we are each waking up and realizing we MUST separate from evil people and systems. Some of us are […]

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An Uncommon Peace

An Uncommon Peace By: Susan Deborah Schiller When I write, I write in peace. I write from a peaceful place. Peace is a weapon. To find that peace, I must retreat, rest, and re-examine all my promises. I must re-evaluate my position, check my compass, and listen for God's quiet voice amidst the thunderous roar […]

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A Way to Tell Your Story that Does Not Create Pain

A Way to Tell Your Story that Doesn't Create Pain By: Susan Deborah Schiller I had finally broken my silence, yet I kept worrying. Did bitterness somehow soak my words with toxicity that would alienate people I love? To share or not to share, is the dilemma that has kept me bouncing between writing paralysis and writing […]

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Five Minute Friday: Good

"It is Good" By: Susan Deborah Schiller His story didn't end on a bloody cross that Good Friday long ago. His story continues in his friends as we live our ordinary lives, abiding in him and he in us. As I ponder the writing prompt, "GOOD," I imagine sitting with Jesus, as one of his […]

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Love is Always Crucified in this World

At the Foot of the Cross By: Susan Deborah Schiller From my journal, May 4, 2003: Conversations with Daddy Many come for food and favors; few for real intimacy – the fellowship of sharing in His suffering. The painful road of Golgotha, carrying one's own cross, is to embrace the loneliness of isolation, rejection, and […]

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Write Yourself into a Better World

Tell Your Story from the Place of Victory By: Susan Deborah Schiller What if when tragedy or trauma invade our lives, we invite our friends to celebrate the victory – before it happens? I know of a king who once did such a thing! There once was a man with odd name, Jehoshaphat, who was an […]

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All for One and One for All

One for All and All for One By: Susan Deborah Schiller Sometimes a story conveys truth that goes deeper and farther than any sermon or doctoral thesis. "The Three Musketeers," for me, is such a story. I believe in RESISTANCE. I believe there is a diabolical presence of evil that has invaded our homes, churches, […]

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Faith + Feeling + Focus = FREEDOM and FULLNESS

Walking in the Light By: Susan Deborah Schiller I believe we're given "mission impossibles" because there's something we need to learn about God's nature and how it alters our ongoing life story. We're each here to experience and display the glorious facets of God's nature. We're designed to SHINE! For abuse survivors, our stories may seem […]

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I Gave My All

This is where I share my "hard" story… By: Susan Deborah Schiller Charismatic, charming, and good-looking, he was a lovable guy… church deacon, business owner, a friendly neighbor, and a man always ready to lend a helping hand. No one believed what was happening behind closed doors. I had no one to turn to but […]

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Redemption through Meaningful Suffering

Redemption through Meaningful Suffering By: Susan Deborah Schiller "Does the hurting ever end?" I often asked. It had been decades of intense psychological torture. Every time I went to God he gave me words and images of such incredble beauty and truth. I recorded them, and as I did, they began to paint a picture of […]

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Duplicity – Living a Double Life

Duplicity – Living a Double Life By: Susan Deborah Schiller I used to be a "successful" Christian – teaching, healing the sick, casting out demons, and training leaders. Now I'm not sure what to call myself, but I left duplicity behind in the pursuit of knowing the Jesus of the gospels. I took off my mask and […]

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