Provision Follows Passion By: Susan Deborah Schiller The following is a dream recorded in my journal – and today I am reminded of this dream because many other wounded warriors are also climbing this hill, headed toward a base camp. Many people are having the exact same vision! This place is real and the time […]


Surrendering to Rest By: Susan Deborah Schiller This week's prompt is "If you surrendered to ___ what would happen? Dwell in the possibilities. Allow yourself to dream." I am replacing the blank with the word "rest". What word would you use? I like to take a mental vacation, if only for a few minutes. In my imagination I'm […]

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From Ruin to Restoration, Part Two By: Joshua Dimick Part One, By Kimberly Dimick For twenty years I kept my wife and two sons prisoners to my tyranny. I exacted control by using rage and manipulated them by means of my blistering anger. Nothing was about love; everything was about following my rules. I expected […]


Kimberly’s Love Story

From Ruin to Restoration, Part One By Kimberly Dimick My husband Joshua and I have been married 23 years. We met at Bible College….got married and continued our Biblical Studies after marriage. Joshua was a believer! My dream of a great marriage was supposed to be coming true. It only took a few days to […]

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The Question of Female Abusers, my Ponderings

Beside Quiet Waters By: Susan Deborah Schiller He leads me beside quiet waters; he restores my soul. (Psalm 23) And because there really are female sociopaths in the world today, I must pause to ponder how God designed human life and put us in families. Why are there different genders and what are the roles? Is […]

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How I Learned to Trust Again

Passion is Ignited when the Fight gets Personal By: Susan Deborah Schiller The worst attacks have been aimed at my identity, my inheritance, and my story. That's why I continually say the words, "Be you. Be free. Tell your story." Today I want to share how these trials can turn your greatest despair into a joyful life. […]

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To Whisper a Doxology in the Darkness

To Whisper a Doxology in the Darkness By: Susan Deborah Schiller  Photo Credit: Akiane Gallery, License purchased in 2010 "I trust you, Abba, you are Good. I'll go wherever you want me to go. I'll do whatever you want me do," I whispered in the darkness of my bedroom. That three-sentence prayer had become my […]

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Why it’s not your fault, not even low self-self esteem, that you keep attracting the worst abusers

If you're the victim of a religious sociopath, I want to assure you that it's not because you're an ordinary victim of domestic violence. Don't let anyone tell you that it's because of your low self-esteem or whatever… it's definitely not that! By: Susan Deborah Schiller In a dream, I learned what caused me to attract […]

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One Day Soon You Will Be Glad for the Pain

Beauty in the Dark Places  By: Susan Deborah Schiller Once upon a time I was a productive, high achieving woman who knew her purpose in life and gave her all for her family, for her church, and for her clients. I looked normal on the outside, just like everyone else around me, but the world […]

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I Will Follow

I Will Follow Him A Five Minute Friday Writing Adventure My heart swells and beats faster when I hear Whoopie Goldberg's choir sing, "I Will Follow Him". A lump rises to my throat and it feels once again like that day when I was looking down at my bloody feet and the rocky uphill path that […]

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The Best Revenge is a Well-lived Life

Plunging into the Heart of Love By: Susan Deborah Schiller I'm deep below the surface again, down under the threatening waves of anger, hurt, depression, and the seemingly endless stream of bad news. But it's not my battle this time around.    I'm here with a sister plunging below the surface to find the heart of love. I know she's […]

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We’re Crossing Over

We Are Crossing Over By: Susan Deborah Schiller Thousands of years ago God put into place a plan to save every family – every man, woman, and child. It's an ongoing story that was first recorded in the Old Testament, with "cities of refuge" and family "redeemers". I write more about this stratege at "The […]

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Unmasking Evil and Creating Beauty Out of It

The Unmaking By: Susan Deborah Schiller How am I to interpret the meaning of a life lived in servitude to a sociopathic husband – a leader of our family and church? What happens when the devastation – emotional, economic, and neurological – forces us to reconsider what we want from life and what we don't want?  […]

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Go West, You Say

Go West, You Say By: Susan Schiller Many people are hearing a similar call to a radical counter-cultural lifestyle – a life without fear. Have you, too? I don't want to miss a day of living a full life, an abundant life. Life is happening right here and right now… not some day after we […]

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Tangled in the Tares

Tangled in the Tares By: Susan Deborah schiller In the series, "Love from Papa" Don't worry about scary beasts with horns carrying pitchforks – that's not true evil. The most hideous evil in the world is dressed up to look like a nice, perfect Christian. In fact, the Christian abuser is the worst kind. Lucifer, dressed in a cloak of Light. What […]

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Rock Solid

Rock Solid By: Susan Deborah Schiller There's a plan, a provision for every contingency, and a purpose for all the pain. God is making something beautiful out of your ashes. He's making you rock solid. This is a promise – a truth – I have been standing on for over two decades, and even today as […]

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Let’s Count the Stars

"Meet Me on the Moon" By: Susan Deborah Schiller On the horizon bloomed an orange light, as if an alien ship had just touched down in the stark, barren plains of a winter's evening in the middle of South Dakota. My granddaughter and I had been traveling for over a thousand miles and in front of […]

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Heaven’s Playbook: Profiting from Predators

Heaven is Only a Whisper Away By: Susan Deborah Schiller If living with a sociopath has made worn you down, depressed, and sickened your body, mind, and spirit it's time to turn the tables. Today I'm going to introduce strategies that will make your enemy sick and tired – even depressed – until he runs.  I want to […]

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Naked & Unashamed – A Return to Garden of Eden Living

Naked and Unashamed By: Susan Deborah Schiller I have decided to get naked. I removed all the outerwear that my culture told me would cover my shame. I don't even know where the shame began, except it appeared when I was very little. It made me painfully shy. I knew in my heart I was […]

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The Princess Warrior Prayer

The Princess Warrior Prayer By: Kimberly Dimick Care to listen to the audio, rather than read? Click here Arise worship warriors, arise! For your God has seen your low estate and He has heard your cries from on high. Right in the midst of the taunting of your enemy there is coming a roar and […]

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